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Problems when you have someone/something controlling your network and devices remotely.

Finding a way to show what happens is incredibly difficult because you have hours and hours of screen recordings that are horrible to watch. It's really difficult to capture what was happening because when you watch it way later you're wondering how could I have recorded this, it's nothing then you see why you kept it and realize that was another 2.5 hours of attempting to get support at what ever site to fix what's not working. I just now did this and it was of my Godaddy e-commerce store that won't keep my customers in it. Imagine tracking orders, looking for invoices or finding out what was shipped when your customers aren't there. This is what you find. And you pay for these sites. It's intentional.

This image is of my reviews that are no longer there.

I spend more time each day trying to keep some control of my devices and explaining to support people from whatever site or software what's not working and so many times they've never seen anything like this before. It's so awful I would rather clean sewers than this. You days are wasted and you can't even apply for a job without a computer.

I wish I didn't have to warn everyone about this but it's something you need to be aware of. For about 23 years I have had a battle for control of every device and network I've been on or owned or used. Science fiction? Not even, this absolutely happens on purpose and in 2000 I was told that "they" would always control my networks computers and devices and "Good luck." I'm going to post all these years of the images, log files and movies I've been able to save. Many times it's just a nusance but in reality any business or person who has to endure this cannot survive. What should take a few minutes can take hours or you never complete it at all. By the time y


ou've seen very much of this you'll believe and be able to understand the misery of always having to fight someone or thing out there somewhere controlling your main and required tools to be able to make a living in these times. Very little can be done without these devices and internet. I've hesitated all these years from doing this because it will make me relive the misery all over again and videos and images of someones computer screens showing asll this problems is something I wouldn't want to watch either but you need to understand that someone out there has all the keys and there isn;'t a security software or any measure that stops them completely. Secure everything FIRST and I don't know what made me a target but it's never something you get free of.

The most important thing I can let you know that when this happens to you you are completely ON YOUR OWN.


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