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Remote interference at

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

In this video you'll see a whole lot of nothing getting done it

Packaging design that never gets done. You're on deadlines and the intruder does this to you for hours so you record it, sign in to youtube and I was signed in to post it and....

Every E-commerce store including Amazon is somehow altered to not work correctly. I mean this stuff is really awful. Shopify doesn't pay from November 2022 until July 2023. Still the costs of the store, shipping , cost of goods and marketing and reordering product, just no payments! Every support person except one was the nicest, going to fix this problem yet it never got done. Change from Shopify to Godaddy, build another new site, lose all your quality links and backlinks too because you had to start over. Also the banking, shipping, reviews, different platforms and on and on. It wasn't until I realized when my Amazon store wouldn't show me the orders I needed to ship until I tried some really crazy searches and then they would come up that it's probably not the stores or the companies that provide the services since it happens with all of them, Big Commerce too - it's the interference remotely causing denial of service attacks and on and on.

You can expect to see an incredible amount of forensic and visual evidence of what the #3 and in charge of security at Microsoft when confronted with evidence it was coming from their servers told me: "Look, yes it's our server. You need to read between the lines as this is the last time I can speak with you. It's not us. Who would have access to our servers besides us? Think about it. This is our last conversation, good luck."

I'll try to post something from the time Microsoft told me that but I have a difficult time posting when someone or something is trying to stop me.

That was in about 2006 or 2007.

In the beginning it was amazing and fun. Now it's down to survival. Remember, there is no help if you become the target.

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