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A collection of all the internet really is: One big scam, from the big companies who work together to make sure there isn't a totally integrated store, "There's an app for that!" And with it comes another monthly subscription. To the very difficult to stop monthly charges to the outright thieves and what they do is totally illegal yet not one iota of law enforcement because it's not like they have safety down. They don't know or don't care. In Orange County California there is one, yes 1 computer forensic Sheriff Deputy. Do you think he has time? Oh hell no. He's crushed.  

A small sample of the constant torture. Ask your self if your business could make it with what you'll see in the following recorded live theater of my devices and networks. Passwords are correct, all the logins are yet I'm blocked from logging in over and over. On top of Godaddy's login with secondary verification and signing in with apple too I still can't do anything with all the expensive software, hosting, email and forever charges. These are hard to watch, well some are kind of funny. It's like watching an EX-lax commercial. Not so entertaining. However it's not fun collecting these either they are here for proof of all I'm about to tell you.



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