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Our Mission

We provide ocean freedom for special needs kids!

Our Story

Ocean Enabled is dedicated to the memory and ideas of Cindy Brooks. Cindy started this whole thing when she wanted her niece, who has Cerebral Palsy to see what the ocean has to offer.


Keeping our promise to Cindy, Ocean Enabled is continuing to spread fun through adventures on the sea. With years of experience and hundreds of hours logged on the ocean, we ensure safety and a new experience for everyone. Our main goal is to make ocean adventure accessible to all.

Mom and her child who is in a wheelchair, both are excited to go boating. They are on the dock in front of boats

What we do

Here at Ocean Enabled, we see the value that the ocean brings to people's lives. We want to be a catalyst for positivity by providing adventures to special needs kids. The ocean provides the brain-saving magic of new experiences and ocean freedom, while we offer the means to make it happen. Located in Dana Point, CA, we have plenty of high quality wind and weather to ensure the kids learn, have fun and build confidence.





Smiles smiles smiles are what you see on the beautiful faces of these exceptional children!

- jmccoy2

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Get Involved


Make a contribution to help fund Ocean Enabled.


We are always on the lookout for boats, but right now we are looking to get a Wheelchair Access Door. — Some kids don't like the hoist. We would love to give more kids the opportunity by making the boat more accommodating. If an experienced professional is willing to donate some time please reach out.


Make contributions to us while you shop on Amazon.



When you become a sponsor, you join a community of bold companies that share our vision to make the ocean more accessible. Together, we’re fulfilling a promise, making a big impact for kids with disabilities and if you join us, you can too. 

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